The Australian Computational Chemistry via the Internet project

This project, initiated in 1994, continues to encourage the use of the internet for teaching computational chemistry.


Core Modules.

The Scope of Computational Chemistry

Basic molecular modelling

Empirical and semi-empirical molecular orbital theory

Basic Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR)

Basic ab initio quantum chemistry

Molecular mechanics and dynamics

Elective Modules.

Advanced molecular modelling

Advanced ab initio quantum chemistry

Advanced QSAR

From 1995 until 2006, these were used for a Master's Degree and Graduate Diploma in Computational Chemistry offered by the Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University), Swinburne University of Technology, and Monash University, with help from the University of Tasmania.

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General Information on these modules.

As an alternative to our interfaces to Mopac, Gaussian and Gamess and for a new interface to Tinker,
try the WebMO interface.

Please look at the current status regarding access to these courses.

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