The Australian Computational Chemistry via the Internet Project

Basic Molecular Modelling

This module is being updated to have all molecular images appearing as Jmol images, removing the need to access rasmol. Please be patient, as this will take time.


  1. Introduction
  2. Visualisation
  3. Data for molecular modelling
  4. Crystallographic data
  5. Co-ordinate systems
  6. Torsion angles
  7. Stereochemistry
  8. Glossary
  9. Bibliography
  10. Comments survey

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Project team: Brian Salter-Duke (Northern Territory University, Now Monash University Parkville Campus), Margaret Wong (Swinburne University of Technology), Ted Lloyd (Victoria College of Pharmacy, Monash University), Brian Yates (University of Tasmania) and Graeme Cross (Research Associate for the project based at Swinburme University of Technology)

Last modified: 27 May 2011