How to use WebMO

WebMO is a web interface to Gaussian, Gamess, MOPAC and Tinker, plus various other codes not enabled on this server, that allows you to build the molecule with a graphical user interface. You may find it useful. It is very much in the spirit of the user interfaces we have constructed but adds the ability to draw the molecule. The home pages are at You can access a WebMO interface off our server. You need to ask Brian Salter-Duke for a username and password to access the interface. This service may be restricted as it can impose a big burden on our system. It is normally restricted to Monash staff and students.

Access our WebMO server

Currently we have Gamess, Gaussian98, Mopac (MOPAC7) and Tinker working fine. WebMO has support for several other codes - Molpro, NWChem and QChem, but we do not have them on this server, and do not propose at this stage to install any of them.

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